DPTC Trest 15"Spetsstroy" JSC

220073, Minsk, Olszewski St. 20а Ph. +375-17-207-28-52, +375-17-207-12-54, fax +375-17-207-28-51

Length of 6,0 m

Width of 2,5 m

Height of 2,7 m;

Inhabited room – 13,3 m square.

tambour – 1,7 m square.

Total area 15 m square.

Framework - welded metal from a steel corner of 125х125х10 mm and a wooden bar of 50х70 mm.

Roof - a leaf of steel 2, 0 mm

Walls - a professional leaf zinced.

Ceiling –  laminated by a particleboard.
Floor – a steel sheet of 1,5 mm. a draft floor from an edging board, linoleum.

Doors wooden. The entrance door is sheathed outside by a steel sheet.

Equipment by the lamp, electroboard, electroconducting, counter.