Concerning sale and delivery of commodity concrete and solution on ph. (017) 207-12-52, 207-12-54.

work schedule: with 7.00 till 23.00, including the days off. The round-the-clock working hours of the enterprise for production holiday, and also in holidays are if necessary possible.


We offer any brands of concrete, solutions and construction mixes and we invite to enterprise cooperation, the construction organizations and individuals!

The NEW CONCRETE and MIXING KNOT(CMK) equipped with the modern, hi-tech German equipment (Schlosser-Pfeifer, Germany) is started in a system.

Advantages new CMK:

- The automated system of preparation of a concrete mix with use of modern technologies;

- Application of high-branded cement, high-quality fillers and additives;

- Computer quality control of concrete throughout all running cycle;

- A quality guarantee of production and compliance to State All-Union(GOST) standard specifications with providing the passport of quality;

- Existence of own certified test laboratory and highly professional experts who are engaged in development and selection of compoundings, maintaining necessary documentation;

- Ecological safety also isn't present a waste.

Cooperating with us you receive:

· possibility to satisfy requirement of your enterprise.

· high quality of concrete.

· production in day of application (in the presence of a copy of the payment document on payment).