The working career of Trest № 15 Specstroy has begun on August, 2nd, 1945. The decision of Council of national commissioners BSSR as a part of management on restoration of Minsk had been generated trust of dorozhno-bridge building. It was headed by civil engineer D.Vinnikov. Pre-war experience and service in assault engineer to a brigade were useful to the managing director in trust formation. On organizational set, to Komsomol permits on restoration of Minsk came from all areas of republic. The majority - women and teenagers. The fifteen-year boy there has arrived to Minsk from the ruined village Anton Kunitsa. His father for communication with guerrillas was shot by fascists. Remained in a family the senior, the young man dreamed to receive a speciality, to become on feet and to help mother to construct the house. Brothers Dmitry and Alexander Rajkovy have tested horrors of a concentration camp in Auschwitz... Destinies of all were singed by war.

The first collective of workers of road-bridge trust on 70 % consisted of women - O.Grigorieva, B.Ivanova, S.Kozel, O.Kolesen, E.Strechen, M.Grek, A.Lutseva, N.Kravets, O.Bondik, L.Zhukova... The foremen appointed from among experienced workers Supervised over works on objects. By a principle «do, as I» they trained youth in elements of building trades. Before trust the problem on restoration and building of bridges and roads, and also on a city accomplishment was put.

One of the first workers of trust of I.Abelets remembers:« All tool consisted of a breakage, a pick, a knife for clearing of a brick, a goat for resocks of cargoes. Nails cut from a wire. There was still a crab - one on all city. Imagine a picture: on a wall of the broken house who gets more dexterous, more quickly, throws a rope loop, a crab it tightens. Then ten three workers undertake a rope, and time-two, took... We Shake a wall, won't fall yet. At dismantling sorted and put in stacks all suitable material a stone, a brick, beams, armature. We lived in the scorched cases of campus, in rooms on thirty-forty persons. Slept on three-storyed plank beds. Windows have half put a brick - glass after all wasn't. To heat a room put an oven, but all the same in the winter in the mornings water in a bucket froze. Even footwear did: you pare down a board piece on the size of foot, you will fit a piece overcoating - and it is possible to put shoes on ». A note of the managing director:« I allow to be installed in a dugout in the street Soviet Erehinu D. N for protection of constructions of trust », too solved a habitation problem.

Anton Kunitsa remembers: «By cards to workers gave out in shop of 500 grams of bread in day. From temptation to eat it at once it was difficult to be kept not only to us, boys, but also adults. Therefore in a dining room where we outfitted food-cards, for a dinner often there was only a cup of pea soup yes a little a black string bean. Had breakfast and had supper of a potato without bread. The salary made 800 roubles. In the market bread cost 80 roubles for a loaf. But we didn't lose courage. Went for work and carried out it honesty, without being considered in due course. Trusted in tomorrow. For the sake of it also worked".

Summing up 1945, managing director D.Vinnikov noticed that work proceeded in exclusively difficult conditions, the collective has carried out the task and has got profit of 173,8 roubles. In the first year of the activity the trust has put into operation tens objects on which work of transport, a municipal services, trade and a life depended.