The MOTTO: Satisfaction of customers by fast, effective and qualitative performance of all kinds of works - the collective main task.



For 2011

Guarantees the maximum satisfaction of inquiries of consumers, is guided by dynamics and development of these requirements, reception of steady profit for the further development of manufacture, is a duty of each worker of Open Society «the Trest № 15"Spetsstroy".

Problems in the field of quality, ecology and protection labor:


- Increase of competitiveness of the Society and reception of steady profit by satisfaction of requirements and expectations of consumers and interested parties, for the further development of manufacture;

- The production organization so that safety of life of people, prevention of traumas and illnesses and preservation of the environment have been provided;

- Constant perfection and increase of productivity of the integrated system of quality management, ecology and a labor safety according to requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;

- Observance of requirements of acts and standard documents in the field of quality, ecology and labor safeties, taking into account the requirements shown by customers at the organization and manufacture of works;

- Creation of the steady psychological climate which is giving the chance to each member of the Society on the basis of qualification, experience, the initiative to bring the contribution to achievement of the purposes of the Society;

- Management of the risks connected with performance of mountain works and works with load-lifting mechanisms.

The purposes in the field of quality, ecology and protection labor:

- Satisfaction of requirements and expectations of the customer;

- Reception of annual profit according to the business plan;

- Conformity to requirements ISO9001, OHSAS 18001 and constant increase of productivity _;

- Constant increase of competence and qualification of the personnel in the field of quality, a labor safety and environment;

- Technical re-equipment DPTC and introduction of progressive technologies by manufacture СМР;

- Carrying out of a complex of works on preparation for certification of ecological management;

- Maintenance of 100 % of performance of schedules of checking of measuring apparatuses and the test equipment;

- Decrease in quantity of accidents of a traumatism at work with load-lifting mechanisms on 10 % and absence of cases of a traumatism at performance of mountain works;

- Power consumption decrease on 5 % and quantities of production wastes at carrying out СМР;

Open Society top management «Trest №15 "Spetsstroy" guarantees performance of the Policy and the purposes in the field of quality, ecology and labor safeties.