From the first days of formation of trust the special attention is given to sports and tourism development. The labor collective always loved and loves sports, and sports help builders with overcoming of difficulties. The trust annually takes part in a tourist meeting of guerrilla area and in all-the-year-round Games among the enterprises and the organizations. With a view of the rest organization workers, their involving in mass improving actions, revealing of the strongest sportsmen for participation in competitions of the higher organizations, all-the-year-round Games of workers of trust are spent. Actively we participate in all city sports holidays devoted to a Victory Day, Independence Day.

“BRUY” (Belarusian republican youth union):

“BRUY” trust it is created in 2003. The basic attention is given to questions of an all-around development of youth, disclosing of its creative potential, cultural, spiritually-moral and patriotic education. During work the complex system approach based on realization, both single actions, and long-term programs is used.

“BRUY” closely cooperates with Trade-union committee, Administration of area, “BRUY” and the primary of the organizations of guerrilla area.

Within the limits of the charitable action in 2006. «We think of children» “BRUY” has organized charitable gathering of toys, a stationery for children without parental support. In 2007 among youth the quiz devoted to Day of sacred Valentine has been spent in 2008. The active of the primary organization had been carried out following actions: creative competition «Autumn marathon», competition «Invited supper».

Activity “BRUY” JSC «Trest №15 "Spetsstroy" on respect of opinion of each member of the organization, cooperation with the primary organizations of area, joint decision-making.

In summary we want to tell that our primary organization is always ready to cooperation and is opened for realization of joint youth programs, we are glad to consider any initiative.


At trust there are hostels for families, a man's hostel and female. Buildings of hostels on all parameters the life and rest of the living are arranged well, perfectly adjusted. Children can spend free time in a game room, the senior children-schoolboys in educational to prepare lessons, and the sports hall is opened for all who lives a healthy life style. At leisure adults and children can use library.

Meetings of tenants of hostels with representatives of administration of trust in the name of chief HCO are organized.


Statement on turn for maintenance with habitation of living conditions needing improvement, is carried out by joint decisions of administration and trust trade-union committee, according to operating in republics Belarus laws and the collective agreement..

Trade-union committee:

The trade-union committee works over creation of normal conditions for a high-grade life and rest of workers of trust and members of their families. To members of trade union which have children annually permits in improving nurseries summer camp for the period of vacation are allocated. Carrying out of cultural and educational and sports work will be organized, and also from the trade-union budget money resources are allocated for carrying out of these actions.

Works, are carried out by trust, are difficult technically and physically exigent, loading on collective lies down the enormous. To stand, to lose itself, to grow professionally, and to live interesting, it is necessary to be able to have a rest – cheerfully and creatively how it do workers.