PMC Trest 15"Spetsstroy" JSC

220024 Minsk Babushkina St., 14 conducted by Kolyadichi

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Types of production:


Fences the welded metal.

Protections of ladders, metal ladders.

Protections of parkings.



Flat frameworks for reinforcing of beams, runs, crossbars and other linear designs.

Mortgage products.

Racks archival.

Racks archival.

Racks warehouse are intended for many-tier storage and production demonstration.

Racks represent the collapsible metal design collected from separate elements in the line of any length, with any quantity of sections and circles.

For giving of a design of bigger stability racks fasten to a floor.

Racks for storage of lengthy cargoes.

Metal construction for advertizing and architectural illumination, arms on lighting masts.

Construction protections.




Grids armaturny welded for ferro-concrete designs.

Grids are applied by armature in monolithic designs of any appointment - walls, overlappings, the bases.

Basic purpose of armature grids – reinforcing of the national teams and monolithic ferro-concrete designs and products.

Types of produced grids:

1 -heavy with working armature in the longitudinal direction, which diameter more than diameter of distributive armature

2 - heavy with working armature in both directions

3 - heavy with working armature in the cross-section direction, which diameter more than diameter of distributive armature

4 - lungs with cross-section cores for all width of a grid

5 - lungs with the displaced cross-section cores

Capacities, containers, container.

Ventilating mines.

Details from sheet hire in thickness to 25 mm. various configuration.

The plant masters production of valves of system for smoke removal.

Manufacturing of a metalwork according to documentation of the customer is possible.

We perform works on processing of metal products with use of the main technological processes of mechanical engineering.

We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation!