In trust the newest is introduced without a trench technology of the building, allowing to conduct works as a method microtunnel on any distances and at any diameter of pipes: from building of local communications before creation of multifunctional tunnels. Microtunnel has a number of advantages: building terms are considerably reduced, the expense of building materials and an expense for technics use decreases. The given technology allows to keep environment, financial assets and a city infrastructure. The newest without a trench technology microtunnel is used on object building «Prolongation of a collector "Center".

In 2008г. On industrial base DPTC JSC «Trest №15"Spetsstroy"has been established a technological line for molding concrete and ferro-concrete pipes and rings the VARIANT 2000С. Manufacture of pipes is carried out on equipment Schlosser-Pfeiffer (Germany) on modern foreign technologies. The new equipment allows to let out ferro-concrete pipes in diameter of 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm and 2000 mm, and also ferro-concrete rings in diameter of 1000 mm and 1500 mm. Earlier given pipes Minsk weren't made by the building enterprises. The equipment is got and manufacture the ferro-concrete a bell-shaped pipewith a sole in diameter of 2400 mm is mastered.